Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brodie Mk II

OK, so Season 3 was a stinker. We endured the highly implausible ‘loony bin’ episodes at the beginning, the endless, aimless subplots of the insanely irksome Dana and the bizarre absence of star Damian Lewis from six episodes of his own show while he languished in a Caracas slum shooting up heroin. Finally, when we were on the point of giving up altogether, our hero appeared. And was promptly executed. This is no way to reward loyal viewers so, on reading that they’re casting for a fourth season I have some advice for the producers: bring back Brodie!

© Showtime

So what if he’s dead – that didn’t stop Sherlock. Or if you insist, at this belated juncture, on a modicum of narrative integrity, you can at least bring in someone just like Brodie, someone reminiscent enough to re-engage viewers and bring comfort to poor old demented Carrie. Someone like this:

Can his agent please get in touch?


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